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All sites are UK based unless otherwise stated


Groups and Organisations
The Vikings The national society to which Glenn and I used to belong.
The Wars of the Roses Federation A national society covering re-enactment in the medieval period.
Regia Anglorum Another national society focused on the Anglo-Saxons.
House Barra An American site with some excellent articles - see 'Early Period Online'
Hurstwic North American group with well researched and referenced articles on Viking topics
The Vikings of Bjornstad Another North American group with pages of photo's from Viking museums
Dark-Ages Re-Creation Company Canadian group sharing some good articles on Viking Stuff
Modar University American group with some good basic articles
Dark-Ages Society Good clear articles from a Viking/Anglo-Saxon group
Tha Englishan Gesithas The English Companions - an Anglo-Saxon literary, archaeological, historical, etc society.
Musee des Temps Barbares A French site covering the Merovingian period (it's a re-enactment village)
Council for British Archaeology "The CBA is an educational charity working throughout the UK to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations."
East Anglian Archaeology Reports on Archaeology in East Anglia
Primitive Ways An excellent site all about primitive techniques and technology
Wessex Archaeology Interesting articles and projects from Wessex
Spoilheap "On this site, you will find information about British archaeology, pottery and other ceramics, burial archaeology and human skeletal remains."
Friends of West Stow Website for the voluntary group attached to West Stow (I am a member)
MedCos: Medieval and Renaissance Costuming Community A forum to which I belong
Stefan's Florilegium A collection of messages and articles on all manner of historical subjects
Living History Bringing Irish History to Life


Clothing and Textiles Of interest are: 'The Surviving Garments Project' - database of garments, but quite hard to use; 'Archaeological Sewing' - detailed pictures of seams and hems from period finds; 'Embroidery from the Mammen Find';
In Prayse of the Needle Australian site from a lady who does historically inspired needlework
I. Marc Carlson's Homepage A site by an American gentleman covering clothing and crafts. (See 'Some Clothing of the Middle Ages' for detailed articles on existing garments; and 'Sewing Stitches used in Medieval Clothing' for a chart of same)
Melanie Schuessler Photo's of some very nice gowns she has made, some with information
Eva's Costuming Page Photograph's and information on the costumes this Swedish lady has made
Rete Amicorum A site with some good reconstructions - in German (see Bilder, then Kleidung)
Caitlin's Clothing 'Costuming through the Centuries' from an American lady sharing some costumes she has made with notes about them American site giving instructions various crafts and costumes

Historicke Kostymy a Strihy

An excellent website from the Czech Republic with photo's of extant garments and patterns from original pieces (English available)
Cynthia Virtue A very good site on clothing construction (American)
Other Makers and Sellers  
Revival Clothing American site selling reasonable reproduction Medieval clothing
the Very Merry Seamstress Medieval and Fantasy garments and accessories
Lacus Curtius Quite a good dictionary with descriptions and illustrations of Roman clothing (American)
Anglo-Saxon (410AD to 1066AD)
An Anglo-Saxon Cyrtel An excellent site from an American lady who made a dress by hand from start to finish, including spinning, dyeing, and weaving her own thread/fabric.
Late Saxon (900AD to 1066AD)
10th & 11th Century Clothing Images Scans of clothing images from contemporary manuscripts (American site)
Viking Age (789AD to 1066AD)
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor Quite an old site, but has some good researched material (American)
Shelagh's Website Well researched articles on Viking clothing and textiles
The Viking Apron-Dress: A New Reconstruction From an American author - Monica Cellio, it is based on the finds from Hedeby and referenced
Mantel och kjortel i vikingatidens drakt The Swedish article by Inga Hagg on the female garments from Birka
Ancient Finnish Costume PDF file (3.48mb) from The Viking Answer Lady website (American)
La Cotte Simple Articles on clothing and accessories of the late 14th and 15th century
Tempora Nostra A German site with some nice reconstruction photo's and an interesting way of wearing a veil (easy to understand without translation)
Norman (1066AD to 1154AD)
Maîtresse Aénor d’Anjou Some articles on 12th century clothing
Chartres Cathedral Photographs of the Chartres Cathedral sculptures
The Bliaut Files Very informative and detailed (American) site about the Bliaut
Sewing & Weaving Patterns
Butterick Find some reasonably accurate patterns here - to easily re-create a historical look (American).
McCall's Patterns More sewing patterns for a historic look (American).
Patterns of Time Some good patterns - not as well thought out as the regular pattern companies or as easy to follow, though
The Bog Jacket PDF (786.95kb) How to weave this ancient-style coat


Historical Stuff
Museums, etc
British Library Online Images Use this searchable facility to look at original manuscript images
British Museum Use this searchable facility to look at objects in the BM collections
Historiska Museet Swedish museum with some very informative articles - does have a translation, but only for the home-page
The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
Corinium Museum from Cotswold District Council - excellent databases of key sites, with some photographs, grave plans, etc. (see 'The Collections')*
National Museums Liverpool Use the search facility to find Anglo-Saxon Highlights, or whatever period you are interested in
Wiltshire Heritage Museum Good photographs and easy to use search facility
Working Museums
Internet Only
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health Some surprisingly interesting and factual articles about this little discussed topic
York Archaeology - Artefacts Alive! Photographs and detailed information of particular objects
Portable Antiquities Scheme (Finds Database) Searchable database of small finds, with photographs of most objects
Ashmolean Museum - Anglo-Saxon Discovery Very good pages of basic information supported by photographs of finds*
Jarrow Hall Reconstructed village at Jarrow, Newcastle upon Tyne, recreating life in the time of Bede
West Stow Country Park and Anglo-Saxon Village Reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village on the site of the original excavations, in Suffolk*
Butser Ancient Farm Iron Age farm reconstructed and run like a proper farm
Local History
Horsford Castle Glenn's site on the history of Horsford Castle*
Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd - Archaeology in Education Some good photo's of sites and finds from Kent, including pictures of objects in situ
Saveock Water Archaeology Some interesting artciles on pre-history by Jacqui Wood, inlcuding the Orkney Hood
Hidden East Anglia "Legends of the East Anglian Landscape"
Painting and Dyeing
Murex Purple An interesting site all about dyes from whelks (American)
Pigments through the Ages Historical pigments
Ancient Dyes, Natural & Synthetic Very interesting site from Chris Cooksey
Textile Resources for the Re-enactor Companion to 'Viking Resources for the Re-enactor' (American), includes tablet-weaving patterns, spinning and dyeing stuff warp-weighted loom, etc
Historical Needlework Resources Articles on some period embroideries with photographs (? Australian) An excellent site about the woven and knotted wire-work decoration from Viking clothing (in German)
Scandinavian Embroidery From New Zealand
Cloth and Clothing in Early Anglo-Saxon England, AD 450-700
Penelope Walton Rogers's online database on information on which her book was based (click the 'I agree' button to access)
The Bayeux Tapestry A very clear site with scans of the Tapestry
General Information  
Christobel and Peter's Homepage Australian couple sharing some good referenced articles
House of Marsvin New Zealand couple sharing some well researched and referenced articles
Brittania: British History and Travel Lists of monarchs and biographies, etc
The Franks Nice photo's of archaeological finds
Early British Kingdoms Includes pages on kings, kingdoms, saints, etc
Bodies of the Bogs Articles from an American Archaeological magazine
The Perfect Corpse "Forensic investigators tease secrets from the well preserved bodies of people buried long ago in peat bogs." Good, but scant information on bog bodies from an American TV show
Rome Exposed A good overview about Roman life, including a section on costume
Did King Offa become a Muslim? Interesting ideas about Offa and his Arabic coins
Did King Offa Accept the Faith of Islâm? As above with some different conclusions Simple site focusing on the Anglo-Saxons - charters section includes full text*
Anglo-Saxon Pottery: A Symposium from the Archaeology Data Service
Dr Sam Newton's Anglo-Saxon Wuffings Website Studies on the Wuffing kingdom of East Anglian, from this very nice man who I have met briefly!
The Anglo-Saxon Plane from Sarre, Kent A 7th century tool found in a burial in Kent
The Saxon House PDF (563.28 KB) text on Anglo-Saxon houses
Anglo-Saxon Weights and Measures Quite detailed and confusing information (for me!)
PASE - Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England A database aiming to record all inhabitants of Anglo-Saxon England!
Viking Answer Lady All manner of subjects relating to Viking history (American)
Tales of the Middle Ages Very informative and well referenced site
History on the Net - Medieval Life Good factual site for kids, with simple puzzles and quizzes
World of Domesday Facts, figures and explanations of the Domesday Book
Documents & Manuscripts
10th & 11th Century Clothing Images Scans of clothing images from contemporary manuscripts (American site)
Electronic Sawyer Very easy to use searchable database of Anglo-Saxon Charters, but doesn't include the text
Bodleian Library - browse images of Manuscripts Manuscripts from the 11th century (first two are copies of the Apuleis Herbarium)
Baron Adhemar's Scriptorium Period documents, some techniques and a costume article from America
Medieval Tymes Links to excellent and detailed photographs of the 13th century Maciejowski Bible, plus pages on armour, the Crusades and heraldry
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University Digitised images of manuscripts from the collections*
Other Women's Voices Women writers pre-1700
The Online Medieval and Classical Library Translated historical texts - searchable
St Gall Monastery Plan The original document scanned and scaleable*
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Online version in Old English
Old English Literature
Beowulf Very good site in Old and Modern English with literal translations and an easy to understand summary
Aelfric's Colloquy An excellent split screen site, where you can read the Old English text and click on words to see their Modern English translations*
The Menologium Translated text of Old English poem about the calendar
Old English at the University of Virginia Some texts and language help
Old English Literature - A Hypertext Coursepack Very good site with some texts
The Old English Martyrology About Old English saints
Bede's Story of Caedmon In Old and Modern English and Latin
Cædmon As above, but with a scan of the manuscript
Julian of Norwich and Related Religious Material Links to Anglo-Saxon texts and translations on religious subjects
Poetry and Riddles
The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry All texts in Old English
The Anglo-Saxon Poetry Project Another site with texts in Old English, but also provides translations
The Riddles of the Exeter Book Old English and Modern English translation
Translation of Maxims English translation of the Old English 'Maxims' poem
Maxims I Old English and Modern English side by side
Medieval Sourcebook:
The Anglo-Saxon Dooms, 560-975

Modern translation of Anglo-Saxon Laws
The Anglo-Saxon Dooms As above, from a different provider
Other Literature
The Lais of Marie de France Translated from Anglo-Norman by Judith P. Shoaf
Charlemagne's Capitulare de Villis Original Latin text
Einhard: Life of Charlemagne Original Latin text
Medieval Sourcebook:
The Monk of Saint Gall:
The Life of Charlemagne, 883/4
A translation of the Latin text to modern English
Online Gaelic Dictionary A searchable dictionary for Gaelic
Learning with the Thesaurus of Old English Companion site to Thesaurus of Old English - an online dictionary where you can search for Old English words. Unit 5 - Clothing is of interest as it compares modern and Old English words
Germanic Lexicon Project An excellent searchable database of Old English and Old Icelandic
The Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub The language spoken by William and his retinue
Dictionary of Middle English To give it its full name: "The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Concise Dictionary of Middle English
by A. L. Mayhew and Walter W. Skeat"
Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Pronounciation guide from the BBC
The Archaeobotanical Computer Database (ABCD)
A huge database of plant remains and where they were found. Best searched by 'Taxa' or 'Site'.
Dictionary of Old English Plant Names Very good dictionary with Latin and OE names - don't need to pay, just login.
Board games (Brädspel) Some information on board games and their history
The World of Abstract Games More information on board games
Echna's Celtic Knucklebones Page History, how to make - and play, knucklebones
Alphonso X Book of Games Scanned pages from this Medieval Spanish document containing many games
Sonja Musser Golladay’s English Translation of Alfonso X’s Book of Games In case you want to know what the text actually says
Origin and History of Checkers/Draughts Quite an interesting site
Tablut - A Saami Game by Michael Sandeman, from Abstract Games Magazine
Tafl A good page with references for the Anglo-Saxon game
Early Irish Board Games Some good referenced stuff
Hnefatafl - the Strategic Board Game of the Vikings Detailed site about this game - well documented
Hnefatafl - An Experimental Reconstruction Another well documented site
A Double-sided Hnefatafl Board from Cathedral Hill, Downpatrick An interesting little article
The graffito on the gaming board from the Red Craig house, Birsay, Orkney From Orkney Archaeological Trust
Norse Games Some notes and references on some Norse games


Dedicated Re-Enactment Suppliers
The Original Re-Enactors Market A market for re-enactors happening twice yearly - you can buy almost anything here.
Ana Period Shoes Some great looking and reasonably priced shoes*
Plantagenet Shoes Some very nice Viking boots, but expensive
Museums Kopi Smykker Danish site (English translation) - excellent historically accurate jewellery*
Vault of Valhalla American site with some nice reproduction pieces - in-the-style-of, but not taken from historical examples
Raymond's Quiet Press An American site, but the guy does the most beautiful reconstructions!*
Asgard Crafts Good historically accurate stuff - in particular their bone and antler items*
The Jelling Dragon Lots of nice Viking items - but pricey*
Birka Trader Australian site, but they do some very nice boots and jewellery
Bill Dawson Metalsmith Custom made replica drinking horns with silver mounts, replica Mammen Viking axe, basic and zoomorphic penannular brooches, Urnes-style brooch, Saxon disc brooch, twisted silver rings, bracelets and bangles
The Viking Trader American site with some very nice historically accurate pieces - but pricey! Ages Medieval is an Italian site for 12th-15th century items - this is their dark-ages offshoot. Nice looking shoes, bone dice and needles.
Mercia Sveiter (a re-enactment subgroup to which I once belonged) Reasonably made reproduction stuff at a good price*
Viking Crafts All manner of good reproductions*
Viking Shield American site offering good reproduction shields (planked looking), swords, helmets and chainmail, plus some other pieces*
Urweg Nordic Tribal Jewellery. American site with some good historically referenced pieces.
Armlann American site with some nice pieces - footwear looks very solid
Bohemond American site - a nice Viking knife and shear, very nice horns with mounts,
Mediaeval Miscellanea Period patterns and pavilions (American)
Danegeld Makers of accurate Historic jewellery reproductions, for Film, TV and stage, the Heritage sector , re-enactors and enthusiasts.
Ganderwick Creations Creators of museum quality historical reproductions. (Lovely Kentish disc brooch)
Daegrad Tools Manufacturers of tooling of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Roman and medieval periods
Viking Resources Lots of good stuff
Weapons and Armour
Paul Binns THE best maker of swords in East Anglia*
Jake Powning Custom made weapons - beautiful, but very expensive (American)
Grunal Moneta An authentic coin-maker, does shows and workshops as well
Fabric and Textiles  
Naturtuche, reine Naturstoffe German site - excellent for diamond woven wool*
Gina-B Silkwork Beautiful, historically accurate silk cords, ribbons, etc
Steve the Weave Custom made fine quality tablet-woven braid*
Tentorium Polish site (English translation) offering very nice historically referenced tents
Tillerman Beads See what Anglo-Saxon and Viking style beads should look like and then follow the link to purchase some
Wooden Stuff  
Wood Barrels Wood barrels and buckets.
Trinity Court Potteries producing replica ceramics now for over 20 years, supplying museums, film, television, re-enactment groups and educational resource centres across the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.
* recommended


Other Suppliers of Useful Things
Camelot Treasures Fun stuff, with some medieval-style pieces
The Earth Pigments Company Selling pigments and providing recipes for paints
Potclays Limited Clay for making pots, etc
Kremer Pigmente German site (with English translation) supplying everything to make your own paints
Animal Products
Fur Source American site supplying real furs
Black Bear Haversack Trading Post American traders in real leather, furs, horns, etc
Fur Hat World American site - the 'olie' hat is a reasonable Viking Age alternative
Wooden Items
Down to the Wood Makers of beautiful things in wood - of interest are the shaped animals (a carved wooden animal was found at a Viking age site somewhere) and tree-shapes made from the wood of the tree it represents
Robin Wood Wood bowls, etc, turned on the lathe and hand-carved
Green Man Woodcrafts Wattles and hurdles
Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing
Twist Fibre Craft Studio Suppliers of fleece and fibre for spinning, and natural dyes and mordants
Fibrecrafts Supplying natural dyes, fibres for spinning, lucet kits, tablet-weaving cards, and yarn for dyeing*
Griffin Dyeworks American site supplying natural dyes and mordants (including clubmoss), pigments and inks, Viking-style snippers, drop-spindles, needles, lucets, and weaving tools
Hilltop Specialists supplying fleece for spinning, natural dyes and mordants*
Texere Yarns Fibres and yarn for dyeing and spinning
Textura Trading Company American site - fibres and yarns for dyeing and spinning, plus a clever rope-making machine
Schacht Spindle Co. Inc. Hand-spinning and weaving supplies - all American
Pacific Wool and Fiber
Paradise Fibers
Finniwig Studios Fibrecraft supplies, including cards for tablet-weaving, nalebinding, spinning, etc
Fabric and Textiles
Faux Paw Furs American site offering good fake furs
The Silk Route For Tussah silk - ancient silk equivalent
Country Products Sea salt, dried fruit, pulses, grains, nuts, cereal, seeds, herbs, spices
Steenbergs Organic Pepper & Spice Pepper, salt, spices, and herbs
Survival Equipment
Granny's Country Store American site selling flint and steel, and bowdrill fire kits
Midwest Native Skills Institute Fire-starting kits from America
Ancient Instruments History and sales of instruments
Chant in Honour of Anglo-Saxon Saints From
Lamb Land Sheep- and goat-skin rugs
Old English Sheepskin Nice sheepskin Rugs
Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop One of few places selling wooden buckets and barrels (American)
19th Century US History American site supplying set dressing goods made for film/TV, but some nice period pieces (2 gallon wooden pail; sometimes has butter churns)
Custom Wagons Nice wooden buckets and butter churns (American)
Replitiques American site supplying colonial reproduction goods - the oven peel would work for the Early Medieval period
Barry Siler Produced a fantastic lantern for me
Unusual Stuff  
Anglo-Saxon Books Books on everything Anglo-Saxon
* recommended

Racaire's Embroidery and Needlework (Austrian but in English) A site covering all manner of medieval craft/textile techniques. Search for 'fingerloop' to find clear photographic instructions for making braid American site giving instructions various crafts and costumes
Anne Liese's Fibers and Stuff American site covering many textile crafts
Phiala's String Page American site showing how to make various braids and cords, etc
Mary Corbet's Needle 'n' Thread An American site with very clear photo's of how to do embroidery stitches and a video library
Sharon B's 'In a Minute Ago' Australian site with a 'Stitch Dictionary'
Tablet (Card)-Weaving
The Loomy Bin A Card-Weaver's Studio - software for designing braids and many patterns
Card Weaving by Sonja Carlson A good site explaining tablet-weaving, but not many pictures


Everything Else
Textiles and Apparel eLearning and Training Details about textiles - manufacture etc
Web Gallery of Art Useful for finding period art
Conservation at 32 Friarn Street A Medieval house restored
The Other Side Interesting site about the history of France, with a good timeline and page on Flanders
Riddle Poems and How to Make Them Make your own Anglo-Saxon-style poems
Online Calendar of Saints Days Find the feast-days of saints
Old English at the University of Virginia Old English fonts and other interesting stuff
Greensted Church, Essex Britain's oldest wooden church
Farm Direct Very interesting stuff about farming - modern, but gives you an idea of what needs to be done, etc
Beechen Hill Farm Very good articles about farming
Online Etymology Dictionary Find the origins of words
The Adventures of Beowulf Translated and adapted from Old English by Dr David Breedon
An Earthly Knight Janet McNaughton shares her research for writing this book
Alea Evangelii Site from someone who made their own glass pieces for this game, includes some very good references
Leif and Maria's Board Games Pages Online playable games
Tafl: An Obsession Interesting little site with a lot of tafl variations to play online
Flora and Fauna
The Tree A good site detailing trees native and introduced to Britain
Flora Celtica "an international project based at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, documenting and promoting the knowledge and sustainable use of native plants in the Celtic countries and regions of Europe."
Rare Breeds Survival Trust The Soay sheep is a rare breed and thought to be an ancestor of the modern sheep
British Wild Boar "All you need to know about wild boar"
Myths and Legends Good site for kids - includes the legend of Saint Edmund (East Anglian King and Martyr)


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