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   Welcome to my knowledge database.  My aim here is to share some of my experiences and knowledge of history, costume and re-enactment with the world at large.  I hope that you may find these pages educational and at least amusing, if nothing else.

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Some historical notes on places I have been.
Costume and Textile Guides
Guides and information on everything to do with costume - it's history, how to make it and how to wear it.
Information about everything you could eat or drink in a historic context, mostly Anglo-Saxon.
Lists of period documents, some translations, etc.
Specific Costumes
Period specific costumes I have made from Celtic through to Medieval times.
Tons of information, interesting facts and general knowledge.
Everything Medical
A HUGE database of medical stuff - translations of Anglo-Saxon medical texts, ingredients and conditions, etc.
to re-enactment sites, suppliers, etc.
Photo's from before . . .


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