Sessions for schools

 These 30-45 minute sessions are offered to schools as part of a 2 hour (half day) or a 5 hour (whole day) booking. You can mix and match what you choose. Some of these sessions are still in development, so please ask about them.

Where classes need to be split for the safe running of the more intensive workshops, simpler or paper based activities will be provided which can be monitored by a teacher or class helper.

Each workshop is £30 (unless stated otherwise). Timings vary.

AS = Anglo-Saxon; V=Viking themed; N=Norman; M=Medieval; * = can be run by a teacher, TA, or responsible adult

Anglo-Saxon Clothes
max. 15 participants - 45 mins
Cord-making (AS or V)
Pottery (AS)
max. 15 participants - 30 mins
Make Your Own
(weapons and armour)
(AS, V) *
Religious Life (AS, N, M)
30 mins
How did they Make Clothes? (AS, V, M)
max. 15 participants - 45 mins
Board Games (AS, V, M) *
Wattle and Daub (AS or V)
max. 15 participants - 45 mins
Banquet (AS)
max. 60 participants - 45 mins (£50)
Runes (AS or V) *
Medicine (AS, N, M)
Crime and Punishment (AS, V, M)
Health and Hygiene (AS or V)
30 mins
Place-names (AS or V) *
Poetry and Riddles (AS)
Pagan Funeral (AS or V)
The Martyrdom of King Edmund (AS or V)
30 mins
Sewing (AS, V, M)
Law Role-play (AS or V)
Cooking with Fire (AS, V, N, M)
30 mins
Viking Age Role-play
The Medieval Archer


Example afternoon (Symbel! set piece): Anglo-Saxon Clothes (half class with 1 leader) and Wattle & Daub (half class with 1 leader) running together; then swap, followed by Banquet (whole class with 2 leaders) £170.

   Risk Assessments can be provided on request. Please notify us of any allergies, whether to food or fibres and any special needs. CRB/DBS checked and Basic Food Hygiene certificate held.

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