Make Your Own . . . . .

Weapons and Armour

   Using standard craft supplies and this leaflet from my 'Make Your Own' series, the children can get creative and try making their own spear, axe, knife, shield etc.

   I supply all the materials needed, plus pictures of spears, axes and shields etc., from archaeology and reconstructions of what the warriors who carried them would have looked like, plus information about paint, brushes and how these - and the weapons and armour - would have been made originally. The instructions are simple to follow and fully illustrated, however some assistance may be required with cutting and glueing.

   This workshop is suitable as a space- / time-filling activity which can be hosted by a teacher / helper, if included in a half or whole day visit.

Questions answered: How are shields, axes and swords are made? Why are some weapons of higher status than others?

Sutton Hoo shield mountings shown reconstructed on the shield.