Wattle and Daub

   In this workshop the participants get to make a wattle-and-daub wall.

   To begin with, we look at different types of houses using photographs of reconstructed buildings and archaeological evidence. We encourage the participants to think about what buildings are made from and the tools that might have been used. One way of making strong insulating walls was by using wattle and daub - a clever system of covering a 'wattle' (a woven panel) with 'daub' (a mixture of chopped straw and clay). Our daub does not include any animal dung, though we explain the reasons why some experts think it should!

   We supply the hazel or willow 'wattle', straw and clay. Plus plastic floor covering.

Questions answered: Did they put dung in the mix, and why? How is a wattle and daub wall made? What is it made from? How long does it last?