This is quite a technical workshop, with participants making their own hat, ball or drawstring pouch.

   To begin the workshop we look at what evidence for clothing production remains - unfortunately not much. However, there are finds of tools such as bronze and bone needles, and iron shears, and equipment from which we can infer clothing production such as spindle-whorls and loom-weights; and occassional remains of threads attached to metalwork, where the chemical reaction during decay has preserved the fibre.

   The participants can handle and try on a variety of reproduction hats/hoods and pouches, before being able to sew their own version, which they can take home with them.

   Each participant is then given a kit, which includes reproduction cloth, thread
and a bone or brass needle (which must be returned). Three lucky participants also get the chance to use a pair of shears to cut their fabric. If the participants are skilled enough, they may also be able to make their own cord for the drawstring of the pouch.