Religious Life

Life in the Religious Orders

   Using written evidence from the canonical rules, and writers of the time we look at what monks and nuns should have been wearing - nuns especially didn't always wear 'holy' garments! Then we investigate timekeeping with lanterns and sun-dials and how they would have kept to the hourly services of prayers. Penultimately, we visit the refectory, to see how eating was done and what was eaten - including penances and pittances. Finally, we visit the infirmary and find out about medicines for curing the sick.

   Many different religious orders can be used depending on which time period you are studying.

Abbess Hildegard receiving a vision while dictating to Volmer and using a wax tablet.
From the Liber Scivias written in 1151/2.

Questions answered: Why did they have to wear special clothes / eat special food, etc.? How did they know what time to pray? What was important about living in a religious house? Did the medicines really work?