Cooking with Fire

   This is an exciting session, involving the mixing of ingredients and application of heat to make some yummy food!

   We begin by looking at the evidence for cooking practices, such as bones with butchery marks and remains of cooking pots - and we find out why certain materials are chosen for certain containers / utensils. We also touch on what foods were available - emphasising that food was regional and seasonal.

   After a word or two about hygiene (what?), each participant is given a mixing bowl and spoon. Then we work through the recipe, with each ingredient explained as to its origin, how it would be measured and its period name. There are some extra tasks thrown in for good measure - such as grinding salt and fetching water for mixing.

   Whilst the food is cooking we talk about fire skills and fire-safety.

   I supply all the ingredients, utensils and heat source.

* The cooking area is situated behind a rope and the fire can be contained in a raised metal tray to avoid damage to the ground.