To the music of the harp, the children enter the 'hall' where the tables are laid ready for the holy day feast. Servers will be chosen to serve seasonal and regional food to the guests. Pledges and boasts will be made and sealed with drinks from the 'mead-horn'.

This session requires access to and use of the dining hall where tables and chairs will need to be set out ready for the banquet. A plan will be provided for this. Takes about 30 minutes to set up.

Food and drink provided may include home-made bread, roasted meat, hard cheese, fish, fruit pudding, non-alcoholic ale and non-alcoholic mead.

Questions answered : What does Anglo-Saxon music sound like? What foods did they eat and what does it taste like? Why did they eat certain food at certain times? Who was a banquet for and what was it's purpose? Why was it important? Why do some foods have more 'status' than others?