Show and Tell History
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A brief explanation:

So I come to your school with all the tools and equipment needed for whichever particular activity(s) or session(s) you have chosen. It takes me 30 to 60 minutes to get set up (depending on the type of session(s) you have chosen). The children will not only get to see and hear about the objects/activity, but they will also get to handle objects and have a go at something themselves. I do not 'perform in character', so I can provide modern explanations as to why we think what we do about historical events, objects and people; and I can share that evidence with them.

You can create your own half or whole day experience by choosing from the sessions for schools page (see below).


Early (Pagan) Anglo-Saxons
(420 - 650 ad)


A telling of part of the tale of Beowulf, with mead-tasting, weapons handling and music.
(* meet a warrior from Beowulf's troop when available for additional charge)

(1 hour session - £60 - minimum 25 pupils - 1 re-enactor [additional re-enactor extra £60])
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KS2 - 1 session only per day, PM preferredg


Christian Anglo-Saxons
(650 - 1066 ad)

Repair the hall, get dressed in your best clothes and have a holy day feast!
(wattle and daub, structured dressing up and a tasting session)
(2 hour 15 min. session - £170 - maximum 30 pupils - 2 re-enactors)
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KS2 - 1 session only per day, PM preferred


(787 - 1066 ad)

The Song of Rig (Rigsthula)
We follow Rig (Heimdall or Odin in disguise) as he travels the land, finding out how he created the 3 Viking races - Thrall, Karl and Jarl.
(reading of the Poem, with interaction from dressed up pupils, and food tasting)
(2 hour 15 min. session - £110 - maximum 69 pupils - 1 re-enactor)
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KS2 - 1 session only per day, PM preferred


Medieval Medicine
(12th to 15th century)

The humoral theory, diagnosis and uses of urine, leeches, the split between church and secular medicine and the origin of the Barber Surgeon.

Coming soon

KS3 - 1 session only per day, PM preferred


Create Your Own . . .

Please choose from the sessions for schools to create a half (2 hours) or whole day (5 hours) of activities to suit your needs.


Risk Assesments are available on request. Please notify me of any allergies, whether to food or fibres and any special needs. CRB and DBS disclosure notices held. Also Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. Insured with £5 million public liability.

   I also have an extensive range of paper-based resources available - some are included free in the above sessions, but extras may be purchased. Click here for a comprehensive list, including prices.


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