Roy Waller Challenge
Wednesday, 30th January 2007

Roy Waller Challenge

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I received a 'phone call from Radio Norfolk, asking if I would like to take part in the 'Roy Waller Challenge'.
Here I am in a couple of shots, first talking to Roy about my costume, and second with Roy in the garden after he tried on some garments. Roy's challenge was a three-part one - 1) identify and get dressed in some Saxon garments; 2) make a pledge and drink from the mead-horn; 3) make and taste a medicine. He was very brave tasting the medicine, but wasn't keen to drink from the mead-horn, so I let him use a cup. We had limited time, so Roy left out a few garments.
For the purists out there - yes, I should have taken off my glasses and I should have my head-covering on!

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